Fitness Yoga Course

taught by Catherine Bicknell
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Catherine Bicknell
Catherine Bicknell
The Yoga Coach for Mums

About the Instructor

Hi, I'm Catherine, a busy single mum of three. My passion is sharing the magic of yoga with all mums, regardless of shape, size, fitness or flexibility levels. As a yoga teacher, personal trainer and International educator of trainers, I use my extensive experience in yoga, fitness & nutrition to support other busy mums.

My courses give mums the tools & knowledge to achieve their health & fitness goals together with finding peace & happiness within their bodies. I feel passionately than mums should be happy & in love with their own bodies rather than constantly at war with them.

Are you ready to fall in love with your body & find peace in your life too?

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Course Description

This Fitness Yoga Course will improve your overall health, your overall fitness level and help prevent unwanted weight gain.

It will strengthen your core, tone up your whole body & you will feel fitter, stronger & calmer.
Your joints will also become stronger & more stable & you will develop longer and leaner muscles.

The poses & dynamic flows within the videos have been specifically chosen to target your fitness levels & challenge you physically. There are modifications throughout the videos to reduce or further increase the intensity, depending on your energy & fitness levels!

Spend as much time as you want on your routine, it is designed so that it can be repeated over again if done at speed but even as little as 15 minutes per day will be hugely beneficial for your overall fitness.

Be prepared these strong & energising flows are guaranteed to kick start your fitness routine with a bang!

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Course Contents

4 Videos
9 PDFs